Our company is in the education industry, with the drive to train and guide early childhood developers (infant, toddlers, preschool and kindergarten teachers) and even parents on how to nurture their wards through the integration of arts to develop them academically, mentally and socially.

Arts Integration is a powerful tool and perfect approach to teaching which must serve as the primary pathway for the development of every child because of it's rewards it brings to them (the children) first, the teachers, the parents of the children and the society as whole.

Experience have shown that, children who grow under teachers or parents that include arts integration in their curriculum or upbringing develop creative problem-solving skills, language skills, social skills, ,inventiveness, decision-making, risk-taking as well as development of motor skills.

Our training programs is therefore aimed at aiding teachers and parents discover their wards future, right from their early stages through the integration of fine and performing arts in their classroom.

Read more about us here... to discover your child's future with us.

Read more about us here...